Q: Do you also rent out motorcycle clothing, helmets, etc.?
A: We rent out all motorcycle gear such as Jackets, gloves, over suits, boots, and trousers (including leather trousers) all for £2 per item per day.

Q: Do the motorcycles/scooters come with additional security?

A: All our bikes come with chain locks and many are fitted with anti-theft devices, alarms, etc.

Q: Am I allowed to take the bike out of UK?
A: We only allow bikes over 600cc within the EU. However, you need to inform us in advance so we can add the European breakdown cover.

Q: What if I brought the motorcycle/scooter back without fuel?
A: Although you are responsible for your own fuel, there is no rule that you have to bring it back with a certain amount of fuel provided you don’t bring it back empty.

Q: Is there any law relating to Helmets?
A: It is compulsory in UK that a rider of 2 wheels wears a helmet at all times. We would strongly advice helmets even if there was no law for your protection and safety.

Q: What parts do you fit in terms of servicing?
A: We mainly fit brake pads however, we will always inform you first if there is anything else needed.

Q: Are you VAT registered?
A: Yes We are. VAT # 205461046