ABUS Lock Chain Combination 9100 by170



Very good protection at high theft risk
Recommended for securing high quality bicycles
The longer the chain, the easier the bicycle can be locked to a fixed object


10 mm strong square chain with functional, long-life and highly-flexible mesh sleeve to prevent damage to the bicycle's paintwork
The chain, the case as well as supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of special hardened steel
Ergonomic lock body cover with softcase technology, which offers a very high impact resistance
Premium cylinder for high protection against manipulations, e.g. picking
With user-friendly reversible key
Two keys are supplied with the lock


For protected transport, the frame bags ST 2200 and ST 2250 are recommended (for 85 cm length)
Convenient compact transport by wrapping the chain around the seat post (for 85 cm length)


Very handy use because only one end of the chain must be locked


Product Description

ABUS Lock Chain Combination 9100 by170
The Lock-chain combination is an excellent choice when it comes to securing your bike. Its flexibility means the lock-chain combination is very convenient and offer many ways of locking bikes to fixed objects. A bike that is secured in this way cannot simply be picked up and carried away – which is a real security advantage.
Art. no.: 52651
Level: 13
Colour: black
Weight [g]: 4850
diameter [mm]: 10
length [cm]: 170