Zontes ZT350-GK

Since introduction, the Zontes brand has improved model range by model range, and arguably can hold its own amongst the most established of brands in terms of like for like product.  If you don’t believe me, read this recent MCN Group Test  featuring the Zontes ZT350-GK

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The Guangdong Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd. isn’t some fly-by-night manufacturer who wants to churn out motorcycles by the thousands and sell them for high profits. Instead, what we witnessed was the obsession to produce the best motorcycles to compete with major manufacturers around the world. Many used to laugh at Honda when they first […]

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Zontes 800cc triple coming for 2022? MT-09 challenger

Watch out for the Zontes 800cc triple coming for 2022 MT-09 challenger There are several rumours swirling about what we’re going to see first from Zontes – but the one that’s getting the most attention is its three-cylinder 800cc naked   Read more at the link below Zontes 800cc 2022

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ZONTES ZT125-G1 (2021 – on) Review

Motorcycle news (MCN) reviews Zontes 125 as one of the most desirable 125s It’s been a long time since 125s were really desirable, especially in the current four-stroke era. Japanese offerings have become less inspiring and more expensive over the years and you could basically write off what you paid for a cheap Chinese runabout […]

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Raceways is proud to add the new Zontes Range of motorcycles Zontes motorcycles are made to exacting standards, proving that you can buy a motorcycle that is value for money, not simply cheap. The Zontes model range is unpretentious, yet spans 125cc to 310cc, with a firm focus on learner legal models. So whether you […]

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